Construction City 2020

We’re excited for the 28th annual Construction City event for Webelos Scouts!

This is a challenging event that requires safety, learning, teamwork, planning, and fun.

We focus on engineering skills, and each Webelos Scout & Arrow of Light Scout has the opportunity to earn the Engineering Adventure Pin.

Our online training occurred November 1 with great participation & interaction -- thanks so much!

Please see the sidebar for the helpful PowerPoint slides to help you further prepare (coming 11-02-2020).

This special year of 2020 includes a specially-modified Construction City event that reminds us of how the event originally began.  There was a Den Leader who wanted a new and creative method to teach construction and engineering and design lessons to Webelos Scouts, and so he developed the cardboard building model.  That grew into a District event, and it eventually became a Council event with large gatherings at a large venue.


This year will feature an individual Den event at the location of your choosing (garage, barn, gymnasium -- whatever location you can access).  Your Den will choose which date(s) November 14-22 works best for you, and use as much time is needed to build your special design (recommended 3+ hours total).  If you need multiple days for proper public health accommodations, you can use the days and extra time as you need.  Once finished, you will then take pictures and submit those for judging, and we will provide the awards.


The event patches, packing tape, awards, and program support are provided with the $6.00 per Scout fee.

We will have cardboard supply available at Camp Miakonda for you to pick up on select dates.  In the meantime, or if you live at a distance, please coordinate with local companies to obtain your own cardboard (appliance stores, hardware stores, lumber yards, grocery stores).  Please recycle your cardboard locally after the event: many households have regular cardboard recycling as part of their trash utilities, and many communities have locations for cardboard recycling (especially see grocery stores who regularly crush and bale cardboard for recycling).

The registration page is ready for you and your 4th & 5th-grade Dens to sign up now -- this will be a great event for your Dens to remember!

We do hope to return to a large event in November 2021 and have already requested that from our venue partner.

Thanks!  Keep on building!