Cub Day Camp 50th Anniversary

Cub Day Camp is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year!! 


We are offering a special patch that is only available to Volunteers who volunteer three or more times in a meaningful way at our Cub Camp events. This would include running a station, food service, etc, 


The events included are 

Eclipse Party- April 8, 2024 (Noon-5 pm)

Cub Companion Day- May 4-5, 2024

Cub Day Camp- June 10- July 12, 2024

Cub Day Camp Family Night- Thursday evenings( 4-6:30 pm) during Cub Day Camp.

We can't wait to see you and thank you in advance for your help!!

If you are interested in volunteering please fill out the form below:


More 50th-anniversary information and events are coming soon.