CP Take Order Distribution


Nov 18, 2021


Location - TBD



You will receive your pick up schedule by e-mail.  We will inventory the popcorn and have volunteers help separate/sort orders for your pickup. You need to ensure enough space in your vehicle, as well as, enough help to load and unload. Please bring additional adults to help with picking up your order

Helpful Loading Tips

      This guide assumes that the vehicle is empty and seats have been removed where possible.

  • 25 cases or less will fit into most standard 4 door sedans
  • Most truck boxes will hold between 25 - 50 cases
  • Up to 40 cases will fit into most SUV's (Explorer, Blazer) 
  • A topper or a tarp is strongly suggested for truck boxes
  • Up to 60 cases will fit into most Mini Vans with no seats 
  • For orders larger than 75 cases, enclosed trailers are best
  • Up to 75 cases will fit into a Suburban with no seats