Merit Badges at Miakonda

Saturday, December 30, 2017

8:15-4:00, with lunch provided

Fee per Scout: $18.00


Boy Scouts,

Here’s a new event to help you learn new skills and hopefully earn a merit badge over the winter holiday.  Please note that the goal of this event is for each Scout to learn as they complete requirements toward a merit badge, but earning the entire badge is not guaranteed.  This new event is hosted at Camp Miakonda by the Erie Shores Council Advancement Committee.

All sessions will have dedicated classrooms in the program areas and cabins at Camp Miakonda.  Scouts should obviously “Be Prepared” for class sessions to include teaching and activity time both indoors and outdoors depending on the course content.

The schedule will be blocked for one merit badge all day. The exception is the combination course of Safety & Traffic Safety taught together throughout the day.

Each merit badge is limited to 15 participants, except Surveying which is limited to 20.


The merit badges available are:

ART (with a wildlife art education focus)





ROBOTICS (full and closed)

SAFETY & TRAFFIC SAFETY (combination course = select both during registration)





Registration closes on December 21.   

Please see the resources available in the right sidebar of this page for pre-requisites, etc.

Note that when completing online registration for Safety and Traffic Safety, be sure to sign up for both as they are in the same all-day comination course.

Check-in will be open 8:15-8:45 a.m. on December 30.  Arriving at 8:30 will work well.


Class registration and payment are available here: