Camping: Miakonda Camping Policy

Effective February 28, 2014

Camp Miakonda Facility Reservation Policy
Camp Miakonda is a multi-use facility that serves both the Boy Scouts of America and the community at large year-round. Reserving facilities at Camp Miakonda is coordinated through the Council Camp Program Assistant at the Council office. The Council Camp Program Assistant is the official registrar for all facilities at Camp Miakonda. The official Camp Reservations Spreadsheet is the only record book for reserving sites/facilities.

Unless a site/facility is officially reserved through the Council Camp Program Assistant, including payment of the required site/facility deposit, the site/facility should be considered as NOT reserved. All Scouting units and non-Scouting groups should contact the Council Camp Program Assistant directly to reserve a site/facility at Camp Miakonda. Erie Shores Council Scouting units will have a precedent (1st) over Out of Council Scouting Units (including Girl Scouts)(2nd), and non-Scouting units (3rd) for reservations.

All reservations for Camp Miakonda facilities must have 15% the rental fee paid as a deposit at the time the reservation is made with the balance paid in full two (2) weeks prior to the event. Reservations not paid at that time are considered unreserved and available. If under two weeks, all fees must be paid at the time the reservation is made. Reservations not paid in full on the designated due date are subject to immediate cancellation. A cabin/facility/campsite is not considered reserved until payment is made. You will be sent a permit when your fees are paid in full in advance of your reservation. This permit must be shown for cabin/site access and to check into Camp.

Rental deposits for canceled reservations – regardless of the cause - will be returned, less a processing fee equal to fifteen percent (15%) of the full facility rental fee. There shall be no exceptions to this policy if a cancellation is made less than 2 weeks from the rental date than there will be no refund issued. Extenuating circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis. They must be submitted in writing to Council Camp Program Assistant no more than 1 week after the date of the reservation.

Facilities on "Closed Weekends" for special events must be reserved six weeks prior to the activity. Cabins not designated and paid by six weeks in advance of activity date will be available for reservation by other groups.

Special Events, Closed Weekends

Only the Council Camping Committee has the authority to reserve Camp Miakonda for the exclusive use of a district or committee, or a special event or activity. Historically, a period of exclusive use has come to be known as a "closed weekend." A closed weekend includes the use of the Council Lodge, Chapel, Parade Field, and Fire Rings.

A district or committee which would like to have exclusive use of Camp Miakonda for an event or activity must submit a written request for a closed weekend to the Council Camp Program Assistant at least three months in advance of the first day of an event or activity. The Council Camp Program Assistant shall immediately forward a copy of the written request to the Council Camping Committee Chair for a decision at the next Council Camping Committee meeting.

All requests need to consider Camp's fiscal responsibilities. A Closed Weekend includes the use of the Council Lodge, Chapel, Parade/Activity Field, and Fire Rings.
Once a request for a closed weekend has been approved, reservations for camp facilities during the closed weekend will be accepted from only those individuals, units, or groups which fall with the scope or purpose of the closed weekend.
Camp facilities on closed weekends, which are not reserved and all fees fully paid six weeks prior to the activity will be immediately available for reservation by other groups within Scouting and by non-Scouting organizations. 
A written request for a closed weekend utilizes the 'guaranteed occupancy' option. The party making the request must guarantee 80% of all facilities will be reserved, and fees fully paid no less than six (6) weeks prior to the first day of the event, or the party will pay the current Camp Miakonda 80% occupancy rate no less than six (6) weeks prior to the first day of the event. As of September 2013, the 80% Guaranteed Occupancy rate is $1,888 less any paid cabin rental fees. This amount is subject to change. 
In the event the party (district or committee) does not make good on their guarantee, they shall not be granted the privilege to use the option for a period of not less than 18 months.

Weekend Program

It is requested that every unit/group staying in Camp, completes a Good Turn project for the betterment of Camp. 
Camp Miakonda is a true Scouting and community treasure. For over ninety years, Camp Miakonda has enriched the lives of the youth it serves. With our use of this wonderful Camp comes the responsibility to maintain the Camp's grounds and facilities so that Camp Miakonda can continue its mission of service for generations to come.
As part of the reservation policy, once in Camp, you are asked to contact the Camp Ranger for an age-appropriate service project to benefit the Camp. Not only will the service project benefit the Camp, it affords us all an opportunity to practice the Boy Scout Slogan: Do a Good Turn Daily.

A list of the cabins and facilities being used will be provided to:
- Miakonda Ranger (Tuesday)
- Weekend Camp Host 
- Council COPE Director 
- Director of Support Services/Program Delivery Support Director
- Scout Executive
by Thursday preceding the weekend.

This list will include: Cabin or Facility Being Used, Unit# or Group Using, Leader name and phone, permit #, and the date paid for. Any unit or group arriving at Camp during check-in that does not have a permit, nor has paid the rental fee may do so by paying the Camp Host, Ranger, Director of Support Services,or at the Scout Shop (9:30 AM to 12 Noon Saturdays).

Gear Drop off at Miakonda

Units may drop off supplies in Camp between 5:00 - 6:30 PM on Friday only. All vehicles must be out of Camp by 6:30 PM. No unauthorized vehicles are allowed in Camp from 6:30 PM Friday until 10:00 AM Sunday, or until after all, Scouts have left the Camp.

Coal Burning Cabins at Miakonda

During the winter camping season, the cabins that use coal at Camp Miakonda will have 2-3 buckets of coal in the cabin when you check-in. No more going to the Trading Post immediately upon arrival at Camp to get your coal. In return for this service, at the end of the weekend, your Scouts need to refill the buckets at the warehouse and return them to the cabin for the next group.

Garbage at Miakonda

Dumpsters are located in the parking lot to the west of the Council Lodge for your convenience. Please do not place garbage outside of the dumpsters.

Weekend Camping Hours

Friday, 6:30 PM - Sunday, 10:00 AM