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Lodge Nominations

Membership Dues


To be in good standing with the Lodge, you can now pay your annual dues online. Remember, $4.00 of your yearly dues goes directly to the National Lodge to continue their support for us locally. It’s essential for both Journey to Excellence (quality lodge) and the lodge finances to have the remaining funds ($11.00) for supporting Tindeuchen programs of the Lodge, including Ordeal weekends, service days, fellowship opportunities, lodge banquet, newsletter, website, and other forms of marketing material.

If you have any questions, please contact the Lodge anytime.

Ordeal Membership

After being elected or nominated, candidates may participate in a call-out ceremony to recognize those Scouts and Scouters that were selected before they attend their Ordeal. The call-out ceremony is usually performed at summer camp, but could also be at a camporee, a call-out weekend, or a troop or crew meeting. A call-out is simply a public way of showing that you have been elected to the Order of the Arrow. You do not need to go through a Call-out to attend an Ordeal.

Your election is simply a starting point, for your journey is just beginning. The next step is to complete an induction ceremony, or Ordeal, where you will learn more about Brotherhood, cheerfulness, and service. At the end of the Ordeal, after learning about yourself and your abilities, you will be a member of the Order of the Arrow. Tindeuchen Lodge holds 3 Ordeals a year in the Fall, Spring, and Summer.  The cost of the Ordeal is $60.00 per candidate. 

The fee includes:

  • Ordeal Sash
  • Current Lodge Flap
  • OA Handbook
  • Meals
  • Dues for current calendar year
  • Preparation for Brotherhood (eligible in 6 months)

Ordeal Dates