Program: Scouting for Food

Food donations

Scouting for Food

Scouting for Food is the annual food collection organized by Scouts from Erie Shores Council. Local Scouts distribute plastic bags with door tags to homes across Ottawa County, Lucas County, Sandusky County, and Wood County. The Scouts return to collect filled bags at least one week later. Please see the map at right to view food pantries near you that have connected with us and asked for collected donations.


Program Dates

  • Erie Shores Council-wide: Spring 2024
    •  April 13, 2024 - Door Tag distribution 
    •  April 20, 2024 - donation pick-up
  • Wood District: Fall 2024
    • October 19, 2024 - recommended Door Tag distribution
    • October 26, 2024 - donation pick-up
  • Eagle Bay District: Fall 2024
    • November 9, 2024 - Door Tag distribution 
    • November 16, 2024 - donation pick-up


FAQ: Distribution of Door Tags, Collection of Donations, and Safety

  • Door hanger (tag) distribution and donation pick up should occur in your designated area
  • Travel in groups of two or more Scouts with adequate adult supervision (Two Deep Leadership)
  • Do not enter homes
  • Wear your Field Uniform for both door hanger (tag) distribution and donation pick up
  • Do not place door hangers (tags) in or attach to U.S. mailboxes. Hang door hangers (tags) on the door. Distribute door hangers (tags) to private residences only and skip businesses and apartment complexes.
  • Make sure the Council has your current year commitment form on-file:
  • Remember to pick up donations timely within your designated area
  • Contact Food Pantries beforehand to ensure timely delivery and take plenty of pictures of Scouts in action for use on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. Please use the hashtag “#ScoutBecause.”
  • Once donations are collected do not forget to enter your service hours via the Activity Logs in Internet Advancement. Please be sure to include the number of collected items. Once service hours are recorded, your unit will be eligible to receive free patches. Additional information on posting service hours by visiting
  • If you have questions about when unit commitment forms are due and when you will receive your patches, please visit this link.


FAQ: How long does it take to receive tags (hangers) or patches

  • Please allow up to three days to receive the door tags once a commitment form has been received. The contact person listed on the commitment form usually receives a confirmation email with pick-up information.
  • Door tags are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, beginning in September (annually).
  • Patches can be purchased ahead of time for $1.00 each, or you can "earn" a free patch once service hours have been entered and verified.


Food Pantry Partners

Please click on the button below to tell us about food pantries and other organizations helping those who face food insecurity. With this information, we can connect these partners with nearby Scouting units participating in our Scouting for Food program. 

Food Pantry Connection Form


Unit Commitment Form