CDC: Tiger Overnight

Tiger ON

Please join us at historic Camp Miakonda for an introductory overnight camping session for our new Tiger Cubs* (1st Graders Fall of 2023) on June 23-24, 2023. Tiger Overnight will give you and your Tiger Cub a taste of what we do at Day Camp, as well as having the experience of camping overnight in either a tent or a cabin.

*The Tiger Cub program is based on a Tiger-Adult Partner team.  An Adult Partner must be 18 years of age and can be a parent, older sibling, relative, or family friend. To attend any Cub Scout event, a Tiger must be accompanied by their Adult Partner.


Early Bird Registration Fee by May 5, 2023    *per Tiger Cub and Adult Partner

Tent Camping $70
Cabin Camping $80


Regular Registration Fee after May 5, 2023     *per Tiger Cub and Adult Partner

Tent Camping $80
Cabin Camping $90

The registration fee includes a t-shirt, patch, two meals, and a Cracker Barrel (Friday night snack). 


Arrival & Departure 

Arrival and Camp Setup Friday Night 6pm-7pm     Departure Saturday 4:30pm


Medical Forms Needed

A BSA Annual Health & Medical Record, Parts A & B**, must be turned in with registration for all participants, both youth and adults.  **Not needed for youth if submitted with Cub Day Camp registration.


Possible Activities for this years Tiger Overnight


*Tentative adventure plans are subject to change and entire belt loops will not be completed*


                Camp Program Area

My Tiger Jungle, Tigers in the Wild 


Floats & Boats


Tiger Tag


Games Tigers Play


Shooting Sports  {Pin/Patch}

                        Archery & BB

Sky's the Limit



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  • Tiger Over Night 2023
    June 23, 2023 to June 24