Spring Coffee Sale 2021

The 2021 Spring Coffee Sale will run from March 15 to April 22 to provide an opportunity for Scouts to earn money for their Scouting program. The Erie Island Coffee Co. offers ground coffee and K-cups, along with cocoa and tea options from Harney & Sons.

Everyone loves coffee and this sale has the potential for great success. The commission returned to the unit will be 30% and a portion of the proceeds will support Erie Shores Council and camp operations.  Scouts that sell will be eligible for prizes and rewards.


February 1 - March 14

Take Order Sale - Commit to Sell

March 15

Sale Begins

March 15 - April 22

Take Order Sale

April 22

Sale Ends

April 23

Orders Due

April 30

Submit Scouts for Patches, Prize Drawing, and Top Seller

May 10-12 (TBD)

Coffee Distribution - Jadel Leadership Center, Camp Miakonda

May 28

Payments Due

June 1

Prize Drawing and Top Seller Announcement











Here are the steps to follow if your unit is interested in selling coffee to earn money for summer camp and Scouting programs.
  1. Fill out information form below
  2. Erie Shores Council will follow up with you to mail you order forms
Take Order
  • Distribute order forms to Scouts
  • Scouts sell to friends, family, neighbors and local businesses
  • Collect order forms and money from Scouts
  • Place order with Coffee Take Order Form or at erieshorescouncil.org/coffeeorder by April 23rd
  • Pick up order at Erie Shores Council the week of May 10th
  • Distribute to Scouts to deliver
  • Scouts collect payment at time of order
  • Scouts turn in payments and order form to the unit’s Coffee Coach
  • Unit deposits all payments into unit’s bank account
  • Unit writes a check to Erie Shores Council for 70% of total sales.
    • Mail check to Erie Shores Council, PO Box 8728, Toledo, OH 43623 or
    • Bring check to the Iott Scout Shop
    • Deposit in any Huntington Bank using the deposit slips included with your order forms
    • Payments are due by May 28th
Scouts that sell coffee during the 2021 Spring Coffee Sale will be eligible for prizes. Prizes are for youth only.
  • Patch — Scouts that sell $25+ earn a patch
  • Prize Drawing — Scouts earn one entry for every $150 sold. Two Scouts will win and will have a choice of prize. Drawing will be on Tuesday, June 1, 2021
    • Package 1 – Telescope & LED Headlamp OR $30 Erie Shores Gift Certificate
    • Package 2 – SOS Survival Kit, First Aid Kit & Mini Dual LED Flashlight OR $20 Erie Shores Gift Certificate
  • Top Sellers — The Top 3 Sellers in Erie Shores Council will receive their choice of prize. Use gift certificates to pay for summer camp, camping gear or Scout gear!
    • #1 Seller – Swiss Army “CADET” Backpack OR $100 Erie Shores Gift Certificate
    • #2 Seller – Camp Stove w/ Regulator & Fire Starter OR $50 Erie Shores Gift Certificate
    • #3 Seller – Telescoping Fishing Pole w/ Reel OR $25 Erie Shores Gift Certificate
Submit all individual Scouts’ names and dollar amount sold by one of the following methods:
(Please note: List each individual Scout’s sales, NOT combined family sales)
  • Enter online at erieshorescouncil.org/coffeeprizes
    • Option 1 — Upload an Excel sheet with data
    • Option 2 — Fill out form online
  • Download and print prize submission form at:
    • Bring to the Iott Scout Shop
    • Mail to Erie Shores Council, PO Box 8728, Toledo, OH 43623
    • Email Erin LaLonde at erin.lalonde@scouting.org