Program: Community Service

Scouting for Food -

Scouting for Food online commitment form can be found here.

Scouting for Food Fall 2017 and Scouting for Food Spring 2018. Eagle Bay District and Wood District are encouraged to contact their District Executive for Fall 2017 door hangers (tags); and all Lucas County districts should contact their Field professional for Spring campaign information.

Sponsors: Scouting for Food is grateful for the generous support of Frisch's Big Boy Northwest Ohio who will serve for the second year in a row as the ta sponsor. In addition to supporting this great servive project, each tag includes a promotional coupon. Scouting for Food donations can be dropped off at area Frisch's locations between October-November 2017; and March-May 2018. Keystone Press is serving as the campaign's new patch sponsor. All Scouts will receive their promotional patch once service hours are entered.


Erie Shores Council Community Service Challenge -

Summary: Once each month a unit will receive recognition for outstanding service in their District with a presentation of a Council Ribbon to proudly display on their unit flag.

The Council kicked off this challenge September 2015. The Council will acknowledge the District that has accummulated the most winning units, and also earned the most service hours (per Scout) with an ice cream social during the August kick off. The campaign concluded after two successful years.

Click this link for the link (HERE) to enter service hours.


Contact:               Tim Myers, Erie Shores Council Commissioner (419) 352-0238

Contact:               Artisha Lawson, Scoutreach District Executive (419) 250-5239

File Name Description
2017-2018 commitment form This form is required to request tags and sign up for Fall 2018 or Spring 2019 Scouting for Food season. Download
Scouting for Food information (2017-2018 A list of dates for Wood District, Eagle Bay District and Erie Shores Council for Fall 2017-Spring 2018. Download