Criminal Background Check (CBC) Authorization Updates

Criminal Background Check (CBC) Process - NEW

National will be implementing a new process for evaluating criminal background checks (CBC) for adult leaders starting on March 1, 2024. New Adult voluntters will not be able to assume a leadership role until their CBC has been completed and cleared.


  • Once an adult application is processed (online or Add-Reg) the person is put in “pending."
  • The adult leader will get an email notice informing them their registration is being processed and they are not to assume any leadership role until the completion of the CBC. The unit key 3 will also get an email.
  • If the CBC comes back as “red” then the normal process needs to be followed for the clearance of the person or the denial and refund.
  • If the CBC comes back as “green” the system will finish registering the person and send an email to the person and unit key 3 that they can now be an active leader.
  • Please keep in mind the CBC processing time and the impact that will have. For example, a new adult application coming in the last day of the month for a recharter will not be usable until the CBC has cleared to “green,” which will be in the following month.