Final EB Show and Sell Returns Due


Nov 5, 2020



Total Distribution Inc.
2215 Bark Creek Dr
Fremont, OH 43420



Total Distribution Inc.
2215 Graham
Fremont, OH 43420


Show & Sell popcorn returns for Eagle Bay District will be Thursday, November 1.

  • Products will be returned to a central warehouse – NOT to the original pickup location
  • Product Care: If a tin is damaged by your Scouts, try and resell enclosed packaging separate or at a reduced price
  • Re-Sellable Quality (Dented Tins):  dents, ripped boxes, single item cases with NO box, etc. will NOT be accepted
  • Repack tins and containers in original boxes – disorganized products delay the process and create unnecessary work by the volunteers receiving the return
  • Do not put different containers in same box – Example: Butter and Butter Light in the same case
  • Tip: Collapse boxes and keep in storage until end of sale.  If needed you have them, otherwise, please recycle