District Popcorn Kickoff RSVP


It is important that someone from your unit attends a Popcorn Kickoff to receive all the essential updates and supplies for the 2023 Popcorn Sale

If you are unable to attend your District's Kickoff, please feel free to attend one of the others. Be sure to RSVP so we can bring your Kickoff Kit!

Both Virtual* and In-Person sessions are available!

 *For those attending virtual sessions, we will notify you of where you can pick up your Kickoff Kit. 

Commodore Perry, August 8, 7pm

Eagle Bay, August 9, 6pm

Northwest, August 10, 7pm

Swan Creek, August 16, 7pm - NEW DATE!

Wood, August 10, 7pm

Council Make-up, August 22, 7pm


During the meeting you will receive: 

  • Popcorn Kickoff Kit
  • Guidebooks
  • Order Forms
  • Final Updates 

Please join us at your District Kickoff listed below. If you are unable to attend your District Kickof, please come to any of the other kickoffs!