Resources: Internet Rechartering

Greetings Unit Leaders, Committee Chairs, Chartered Organization Representatives, and Key 3 Designees,

Starting in 2022, National has revamped the Internet Rechartering system.

  • Recharters are now completed through Internet Advancement 2.0 found in My.Scouting by a Key 3 member (or designee).
  • Unit Specific codes are no longer required.

How to Use

The Key 3 of each unit will be emailed instructions on rechartering at the beginning of November. Anyone who wants to learn more about how Internet Rechartering 2.0 works can view the following links for further information. 

Completed Recharters include:

  1. Online/Paper recharter
    1. Updated roster
    2. New/transfer youth applications
    3. New/transfer adult applications with criminal background authoritzation forms and YPT certificates
  2. Payment
  3. Annual Unit Charter Agreement
  4. Journey to Excellence form

To Renew a Charter Online

  1. A Key 3 member of the unit (or designee) should be in charge of the recharter process (this person must be a registered member).

  2. Access Internet Advancement 2.0 (Chrome or Firefox are the recommended search engines to use; do not use Internet Explorer or Edge).

    1. Log into your My.Scouting account.

    2. Select Menu -> BSA Web Links -> Internet Advancement 2.0.

    3. The next screen to pop up will be your internet advancement roster.

      1. Before beginning the recharter process, make sure you have completed the following:

        1. Collect all of the member information including: new youth applications, adult applications, criminal background check authorization forms (adults) and Youth Protection Training certificates (adults).

        2. Confirm and update: addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses for each member.

        3. Collect registration fees.

    4. Select which unit you are going to work on by clicking on the diamond icon (located in the upper right-hand corner). This is only for individuals serving as leaders in more than one unit.

    5. Click on the "Recharter" button (located on the left-hand side of the screen at the bottom of the menu).

  3. Under Internet Advancement 2.0, you will be able to add/remove members, change leadership positions, upload new members application materials, and more.

  4. Once you have finished updating your roster and attached the necessary documents, click Refresh Roster and then the Validate Recharter and Pay. A popup will appear if you have any errors or warnings. At that time you will need to correct the errors before you can continue with your renewal. The errors will have a red bubble next to them and warnings a yellow bubble. If you receive a warning, you have the ability to correct the warnings if possible and continue through the submittal process. You will be able to click on Proceed to Payment when there are no errors.

  5. Payment and Confirmation. During this process you have the ability to verify all fees and choose your payment option. The payment options include check ($1.00 fee), credit card (3% fee), and pay at council. If you pat at council, you will need to provide a form of payment to Erie Shores Council in order to register your unit. Once you have chosen your payment option, click the Pay and Post Renewal button. A pop-up screen will appear showing that your charter has been submitted.

  6. A copy of the Unit Charter Renewal Report (that was just submitted) will be sent as an Adobe Sign document to the Chartered Organization Representative (or sometimes other Key 3 members) of your unit to sign & submit...approving the recharter. Once completed a copy of the Unit Charter Renewal Report should be sent in a separate email to the Registrar, in addition to submitting it to National.

  7. The Registrar will receive your online recharter submission within 24 hours after steps 1-6 are completed. Before the unit is posted, the Registrar will follow-up on any outstanding items that need to be resolved (for example, expired YPT's) and collect the payment for recharter, if "pay at council" was selected.

  8. After the recharter has been processed units can print the charter certificate, roster, and membership cards through their My.Scouting account. The Council will no longer do this!

To Renew a Charter In-Person

  1. Follow steps #1-2 under "To Renew a Charter Online," download and print a copy of your unit's Unit Charter Renewal Report, cross off the names of the youth/adult members not returning, and write in the names of the new youth/adult members joining the unit.
  2. Bring the Unit Charter Renewal Report, youth and adult applications (including criminal background authorizations and YPT certificates), and payment to the Registar at the Jadel Leadership Center.

  3. After your recharter has been processed units can print the charter certificate, roster and membership cards through their my.scouting account. The Council will no longer do this!

If you have any questions or need help, please contact Michael Smith, Registrar/District Assistant at Erie Shores Council. Phone: (419) 843-0106; Email: