Charter Renewal Resources

The Boy Scouts of America offers an online charter renewal process for units. Listed below are several resources to assist with a smooth and improved charter renewal process. All units currently registered with Erie Shores Council need to complete this process on a yearly basis.

Use these resources to help your unit’s renewal. You can also visit the Internet Recharter Responses to Forum-Related Questions/Discussions helpdesk for additional questions and timely assistance.


New Items for 2023-2024

Charter Due Dates

All charters must be completed and turned in to the Council Registrar, Michael Smith. Charter due dates are as follows:

  • December charters are due by December 8, 2023
  • January charters are due by January 12, 2024
  • February charters are due by February 9, 2024
  • March charters are due by March 8, 2024
  • April charters are due by April 12, 2024
  • May charters are due by May 10, 2024

Recharter fees can be paid online with a credit card (a small processing fee will apply) or ACH (bank checking transfer). Payments can also be made at the Iott Scout Shop.


BSA Will No Longer Prorate Fees for New Members beginning August 1, 2023

Beginning August 1st, all new youth and adult members who join Scouting will be enrolled in a 12-month membership cycle and BSA will cease prorating fees. Both youth and adults will pay the full annual membership fee and will renew their membership on the anniversary date of joining Scouting. All proration of membership fees will be eliminated. Each registered member of the BSA will receive an email notice with a registration renewal link beginning 60 days before the anniversary date they joined Scouting. Unit leaders will receive a copy of the email and should stay engaged in the membership renewal process just like rechartering.

It is important to note, existing members will renew their membership during their normal registration/recharter cycle through March 2024. Moving forward all members will renew on their anniversary date.

  • Existing members’ Anniversary date will be their unit recharter month.
  • New members’ Anniversary date will be the month they joined.

This new process will help streamline the rechartering and membership renewal process for units and councils. Additional information on this membership renewal process will be forthcoming in the very near future.


Internet Recharter 2.0

Note: The same login ID and password is required to access Internet Advancement 2.0 (where the online recharter process is handled) and My.Scouting. No additional access codes are required. 

Note: Paying via ACH requires completing proper set-up to confirm unit bank account. Refer to User Guide for details.

Commissioners can track charter renewal status on either their council or district dashboards.


How to Use

The Key 3 of each unit will be emailed instructions on rechartering at the beginning of November. Want to learn more about how Internet Rechartering 2.0 works, click on the links below. 


Completed Recharters include:

  1. 2024-2025 Recharter Checklist
  2. Unit Charter Renewal Report
    1. Signed and intialed by a Key 3 member from the unit
  3. Annual Unit Charter Agreement
    1. Signed by the Executive Officer, Chartered Organization Representative, Committee Chair, and the District Executive
    2. The District Executive can sign the agreement after it has been submitted
  4. BSA Youth Applications
    1. Refer to BSA Youth Member Application Checklist for for what items are needed to complete a youth application
    2. Applications are required for new, transfer, or mutiple (those serving in more than one unit) youth members
      1. Returning youth members do not need to submit a new application
      2. Transfers/Multiples from out-of-Council need to provide the following information: Name, Date of Birth, Membership ID (from other council), and the name of the council they are with/transferring from
  5. BSA Adult Applications
    1. Refer to BSA Adult Application Checklist for what items are needed to complete an adult application
    2. Applications are required for new, transfer, multiple (those serving in more than one unit), or leadership position changes for adult leaders
      1. Returning adult leaders (holding the same leadership position) do not need to submit a new application
      2. Transfers/Multiples from out-of-Council need to provide the following information: Name, Date of Birth, Membership ID (from other council), and the name of the council they are with/transferring from
    3. Complete adult applications include: the BSA Adult Application, Criminal Background Check Authorization form - signed and dated, and a copy of their Youth Protection Training certificate
  6. Registration Payment
    1. Refer to 2023 BSA National Membership Fees for the current membership fees for August 1, 2023 - July 31, 2024
    2. The 2024-2025 Unit Recharter Calculator can be used to determine the total fees owed to Council/National for recharter (except for admin fees, etc.). This calculator is for Packs, Troops, and Crews only


To Renew a Charter Online

  1. A Key 3 member of the unit is in charge of the recharter process.

  2. Access Internet Advancement 2.0 (Chrome or Firefox are the recommended search engines to use).

    1. Log into your My.Scouting account.

    2. Select Menu -> BSA Web Links -> Internet Advancement 2.0.

    3. The next screen to pop up will be your internet advancement roster.

      1. Before beginning the recharter process, make sure you have completed the following steps:

        1. Collect all of the member information including: new youth applications, adult applications, criminal background check authorization forms (adults) and Youth Protection Training certificates (adults).

        2. Confirm and update: addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses for each member.

        3. Collect registration fees.

    4. Select which unit you are going to work on by clicking on the diamond icon.

      1. Note: This is only for Key 3 members serving as leaders in more than one unit.

    5. Click on the Recharter button (located on the left-hand side of the screen at the bottom of the menu).

  3. Under Internet Advancement 2.0, you will be able to add/remove members, change leadership positions, upload new members application materials, and more.

  4. Once you have finished updating your roster and attached the necessary documents, click Refresh Roster and then the Validate Recharter and Pay.

    1. A popup will appear if you have any errors or warnings. You will need to correct any errors before you can continue with your renewal.

  5. Click on Proceed to Payment when there are no errors.

  6. Payment and Confirmation. You have the ability to verify all fees and choose your payment option. Once you have chosen your payment option, click the Pay and Post Renewal button. A pop-up screen will appear showing that your charter has been submitted.

  7. A copy of the Unit Charter Renewal Report will be sent as an Adobe Sign document to the Key 3 leadership of your unit to sign & submit, approving the recharter (please click on the following link, if you need assistance completing an Adobe Sign document).

    1. A completed copy of the Unit Charter Renewal Report should be emailed to the Council Registrar, Michael Smith at 

  8. The Registrar will follow-up on any outstanding items that need to be resolved and collect the payment for recharter, if "pay at council" was selected.

  9. After the recharter has been processed units can print their charter certificate, roster, and membership cards through their My.Scouting account.


To Renew a Charter In-Person

  1. Follow steps #1-2 under "To Renew a Charter Online," download and print a copy of your unit's Unit Charter Renewal Report, cross off the names of the youth/adult members not returning, and write in the names of the new youth/adult members joining the unit.
  2. Bring the Unit Charter Renewal Report, youth and adult applications (including criminal background authorizations and YPT certificates), and payment to the Registar at the Jadel Leadership Center.

  3. After your recharter has been processed, units can print their charter certificate, roster and membership cards through their My.Scouting account.


If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact:

Michael Smith

Registrar/District Assistant

Erie Shores Council

Phone: (419) 843-0106


File Name Description
2023 National BSA Membership Fees Download
Annual Unit Charter Agreement Download
BSA Adult Application Checklist Download
BSA Youth Member Application Checklist Download