Shooting Sports Committee

What is the Shooting Sports Committee

The Erie Shores Council Shooting Sports Committee is a volunteer committee made up of individuals whose passion lies with various shooting sports activities including rifle, shotgun, archery, and other various forms of shooting sports. Individuals on this committee work with other organizations including the NRA, Shooting Sports Foundation, Wood-Lucas Pheasants Forever along with our two camp facilities to ensure safe, effective, and fun shooting sports activities for our young people in the Scouting program.

Shooting Sports Interest Survey

The Erie Shores Council is conducting a short survey on shooting sports training and program to identify those who hold current NRA, Boy Scout, and USA Archery certifications who would be willing to help supervise/instruct district and council shooting sports events.

We would also like to identify those who would be interested in these trainings and helping with events.  The information you provide will help us increase the pool of volunteers to run events and help us provide training to you. 


Training Events

These upcoming training events are hosted by the Shooting Sports Committee:



Mission of the Committee

The Shooting Sports Committee (“SSC”) is charged with overseeing construction, maintenance, operations, staffing, training, and promotion under the Council’s guidance of the shooting sports programs within the Council’s jurisdiction, other than the summer camp program.

The SSC Chairman ideally should be an NRA certified Training Counselor or, if one is not available, an NRA certified Firearms Instructor.  The SSC Chairman is appointed by the Council Camping Committee.  The SSC Chairman is responsible for appointing additional committee members.  The SSC will consist of eight members appointed for a period of two years each.  Committee membership may be renewed with the mutual consent of the member and the SSC Chairman.

The main goal of the SSC is to promote shooting sports to Scouts within the Council and at any camps operated by Erie Shores Council. To accomplish these goals the committee should institute a program to identify and maintain a list of any NRA certified instructors and Range Safety Officers within the area that are willing to donate time and resources to the shooting program. These would include persons volunteering as merit badge councilors, RSOs at shooting ranges, and serving as temporary instructors at various camps and Scouting events.

The SSC should conduct an NRA certified instructor course in either rifle or shotgun shooting and an RSO course on an annual basis preferably before summer camp season. This program will be the cornerstone to attract and recruit more adult volunteers to the Scouting organization and the shooting sports.

The committee will seek to identify any construction projects, advise on maintenance and repair issues within the facilities, and provide guidance for the day to day operations; to establish approved SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for the safe and efficient operation of the ranges; and, provide each Range Officer with the education and procedures to follow in a written form they can rely on.

The committee will provide a team to inspect all the ranges (rifle, shotgun, and archery) at all Council facilities prior to the opening of the summer camp season to inspect and review with the staff at those facilities for safety issues and procedures and recommend remedial action if necessary.

The committee will consult with the camp staff director to identify any staffing and training issues or needs that he or she may have on a minimum of an annual basis (preferably in the first quarter of the year). The committee will also assist in recruiting qualified candidates for National Camp School training within the shooting sports and enlarging the pool of volunteers for any vacancies that may occur.

The committee will endeavor to institute and maintain an accountability reporting plan with the NRA, whereas we (BSA-ESC) use NRA instructors and Training Counselors as our primary Range Masters, Merit Badge counselors, and Range Safety Officers, and identifies individuals who are willing to participate in NRA sponsored programs specifically for BSA. The committee needs to be able to send quantifiable results and records to the NRA on the number of rifle and shotgun merit badge/first steps completions to gauge the success of the joint programs.   

The committee needs to fulfill its mission to increase and promote shooting sports by providing safe and fun opportunities for Scouts to broaden their interests in shooting sports by conceptualizing and executing plans to fulfill this mission.