Troop Talking Points for Popcorn

  • A Scout is Thrifty – A Scout pays his/her own way. Scouts could earn commission on what they sell to use for adventures such as campouts, summer camp and High Adventure camps! They can pay for an entire year of Scouting by selling popcorn over a 2-month period.
  • Reduce Camp Fees:  A portion of the popcorn a Scout sells goes to help improve Pioneer Scout Reservation, Camp Miakonda and Camping programs in Erie Shores Council!
  • Missed Opportunity:  Scouts have family, friends and co-workers that are more likely to purchase popcorn from someone they know. Don’t assume they are already being approached by a Cub Scout.
  • BSA Marketing:  Scouts selling popcorn gives visibility to the Scouts BSA program in the community that is good for all involved in Scouting.
  • Communication:  Although Scouts are not as “cute” as Tiger Cubs, Scouts can articulate the benefits of supporting their Scouting adventure.
  • Corporate Sales:  When a corporation is approached by a Scout, they see the potential to give back to the community and to help cultivate characteristics for future employees. The Scout can learn how to promote their program and their abilities. These skills can be helpful for when a Scout is applying for a job or looking for help on an Eagle project.
  • Unit Level Prizes:  Motivate Scouts with Unit incentive prizes. Purchase the latest camping gadget to give to the highest seller (Backpacking Hammock, Backpacking Stove, etc.)
  • Neighborhood Blitzes: are an easy way to get the Scouts out in the community. You would need a minimum of 1 adult per 4 Scouts. Have pairs of Scouts work each side of the street while the adult follows in a vehicle stocked with popcorn. Scouts not only gain confidence in speaking but also have fun with their buddy. Split the proceeds amongst those that participated. Not every neighborhood gets hit by Cub Scouts.
  • Facebook/Twitter/Instagram:  Scouts are more tech savvy and can utilize Social Media to make Online Sales.