Training: Wood Badge: FAQs

Where will the course be held?
Please view the current course flyer available on the Wood Badge page for locations of the next course.

What are the course dates?
Please view the current course flyer available on the Wood Badge page for dates of the next course.

What is the cost?

Course fees are set to meet the costs of the course while providing the best training environment for participants.


The course fee for the 2019 Wood Badge Course is $300.


There is a $25 Early Bird discount to participants that have paid their fees in full ($275) by May 1, 2019


A deposit of $50 is required to secure a spot in the course, note this does not secure early bird pricing unless you pay the remaining fee before the discount expires.


When registering online, a credit card payment must be used at the time of registration, this is the preferred method.  If you must pay by check please begin your online registration then contact the council office when prompted for payment.


Is there a payment plan?

Payment in full is accepted at any point from registration or after. Additional payments can be made online anytime.

All fees must be paid in full no later than July 1, 2019. 

The best way to manage the course fee is to register early and make regular payments until the fee is paid in full.

How do I sign up?
Click the Register Today button on the Wood Badge page


Are there prerequisites for attending Wood Badge?
Yes. You must have completed Youth Protection training and the Basic Training course for your current Scouting position.  Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters should also have completed the Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills as this is required to be trained for your position.  Other leaders are encouraged but not required to complete outdoor training appropriate to their position.


Where will I be sleeping?
Training will take place in the outdoors.  The first weekend you will sleep in a cabin or camp tent.  The second weekend you will sleep in a tent that you or your teammates provide. Modern restrooms and hot showers will be available.


What about meals?
All meals are provided as part of your course fee.  A great menu is planned for the first weekend; prepared meals or ingredients are provided to your team.  The second weekend you and your team of participants will plan a menu, purchase ingredients with money provided, then prepare meals in camp.


What if I need a special diet?
Let us know as soon as possible using the Personal Resource Questionnaire that will be sent to you several months before the course.  We will do our best to work with you to meet health or religious based dietary needs.


Are there any special medical requirements for this course?
You will need an Annual Health and Medical Record form, including parts A, B, & C (requires Doctor’s signature,) completed within one year of the last day of the course. You may download the form here. Please make the Course Director aware of any medical conditions or accommodations needed.


What gear do I need to bring?
A personal equipment list will be provided at the pre-course meeting about a month before the course.  The first weekend will only require basic personal camping supplies.  Responsibility for camping items for the second weekend will be shared among your team of participants.  Experience has shown you should need little to no personal gear you do not already own or could borrow regardless of your experience level in Scouting.


What are the uniform requirements?
You will need to wear the full BSA Field Uniform for your current position in Scouting. The field uniform consists of a Scout shirt with proper patches, Scout pants or shorts, Scout belt, and Scout socks. A course t-shirt and hat will be provided, additional t-shirts may be ordered at the pre-course meeting if you would like more than one.


Is financial assistance available?
Yes. We want Wood Badge to be available to all Scouters. Often, participants are partially sponsored by their units or their chartered organizations. Occasionally, participants are partially sponsored by their employer or other organizations they are a member of such as unions or the VFW.  If none of these options are available need based scholarship assistance is still available. Please contact your course director if you would like to discuss scholarship opportunities or an alternative payment schedule.

What if I still have questions?
Please contact your course director.