Wood District

Wood District Dates

2023-2027 Program Year

District Committee Meeting

Tuesday before Roundtable

Wood County Park Office

18729 Mercer Road, Bowling Green

Open to All

August – June

(Unless otherwise specified)

July: Committee Dinner

District Key 3

Last Tuesday of the Month


District Roundtable Meeting

First Thursday of the Month

Christ United Methodist Church

301 W Main St. Portage, Ohio

Portage, Ohio


Cub Family Campout

(Fourth Saturday weekend)

With Northwest and Swan Creek

Sept. 28-29, 2024

Sept. 27-28, 2025

Sept. 26-27, 2026

Fall Camporee

(First weekend after the second Sunday of Oct.)

Oct. 18-20, 2024

Oct. 17-19, 2025

Oct. 16-18, 2026

Scouting for Food

(Collection date, Saturday after Camporee)

Oct. 26, 2024

Oct. 25, 2025

Oct. 24, 2026

First Aid Meet

(Friday Before Cub Lock-in)

Jan. 10, 2025

Jan. 9, 2026

Jan 8, 2027



Cub Lock-in

(Second Saturday of January)

Jan. 11-12, 2026

Jan. 9-10, 2027

Winter Weekend

(First full Weekend in February)

Jan. 31- Feb. 2, 2025

Feb. 6-8, 2026

Feb. 5-7, 2027

District Pinewood Derby

(Third Saturday of March)

Mar. 15, 2025

Mar. 21, 2026

Mar. 20, 2027

Spring Camporee

(Weekend with fourth Sunday in April)

Apr. 25-27, 2025

Apr. 24-26, 2026

Apr. 23-25, 2027

District Recognition Dinner

(First Thursday of the month)

May 1, 2025

May 7, 2026

May 6, 2027



Welcome to Wood District! Our district covers Wood County, excluding Perrysburg, Northwood, Rossford, Milbury, and Walbridge. We have many opportunities for our community to get involved in scouting. Our programs include Cub Scout packs (Kindergarten through 5th grade), Scouts BSA troops (ages 11-17), Venture Crews (ages 14-20), and Exploring Posts (ages 14-20). Whether you are a youth or an adult, this is a great district to be a part of.


Family Friends of Scouting

Delivering the promise of programs that shape the lives of young people is the goal of the Erie Shores Council, Scouting America. Because our goal is to serve every available youth that wishes to join Scouting, your generous support is needed to provide quality programs, activities, support services and facilities. A major source of revenue for the Council is the annual Friends of Scouting (FOS) Campaign. The Erie Shores Council's campaign asks concerned individuals and community businesses and leaders to financially support the council's operations and continued service to youth and their leaders. Click here to sign up for a Family Friends of Scouting campaign: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1npWnwpyBaiY0VDrpre8DbszaaXL4v94_/edit#gid=1212033959




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