Final WD Show and Sell Returns Due


Nov 4, 2020



Perrysburg Department of Public Services
11980 Roachton Rd
Perrysburg, OH 43551



Perrysburg Department of Public Services
11980 Roachton Rd.
Perrysburg, OH 43551


Show & Sell popcorn returns for Wood District will be Friday, November 2.

  • Products will be returned to a central warehouse – NOT to the original pickup location
  • Product Care: If a tin is damaged by your Scouts, try and resell enclosed packaging separate or at a reduced price
  • Re-Sellable Quality (Dented Tins):  dents, ripped boxes, single item cases with NO box, etc. will NOT be accepted
  • Repack tins and containers in original boxes – disorganized products delay the process and create unnecessary work by the volunteers receiving the return
  • Do not put different containers in same box – Example: Butter and Butter Light in the same case
  • Tip: Collapse boxes and keep in storage until end of sale.  If needed you have them, otherwise, please recycle